Multimedia Artboard

Artist Comments

Kevin Macpherson

I can’t believe I have been painting en plein air for 41 years. It has been quite an adventurous lifestyle. I have always loved to travel and plein air painting is the perfect companion. 



Amanda Lovett’s family recognized there was a creative career in her future when her childhood doodles were actually detailed sketches of her father’s horses.

Roger Dale Brown

Multimedia Artboard is my go to product for painting trips. The product is rigid, thin and light weight, which allows for a lot of panels in a very small space. The multimedia board is a blank surface which I can customize or use just as it comes. It is easy to glue my preferred choice of linen, give it a coat of ground, gesso, or PVA. The choices of added surface choices are endless. Because it is thin, I can easily customize the size on location with a razor. It is the perfect product for plein air painting and for painting color sketches in studio.

Lori McNee

Using Multimedia Artboard products has truly made my art travels much easier! Whether I’m traveling the world teaching a plein air painting workshop or backpacking to a remote Idaho mountain location, I can count of Multimedia Artboard products.

Scott Christensen

"I use for travel and outdoor painting. It is lightweight, sturdy, and durable. You can carry so much more and the weight is much lighter.”  

Rob Gregoretti

"Multimedia Artboard has become an integral part of my painting. I have used them in some of my strongest compositional and most dramatic pieces. Technically speaking, I'm drawn to the texture and stability it offers.  It will accept just about any medium, can be wiped down with water or solvent and is light in weight.  It is a tool of expression and a major part of my studio."

Willow Wolfe

“Multimedia Artboard creates high quality surfaces which have given me the flexibility I need as an artist and art teacher. They are great for my chosen medium, water mixable oil, easy to transport, have the perfect texture, come in a range of shapes and sizes and are easy to frame.  My students love the versatility, quality and affordability."

Keith Wicks

I really love the new Multimedia Artboard Pads, they are great for travel because they are easy to pack, thin and lightweight. Claessens canvas is by far the best surface for painting, it's been a favorite of mine for years.

Artboard Pads are ideal for workshops and traveling abroad, a must for all plein air painters.

Lori Putnam

"My travel schedule is often back-to-back, country-to-country, week-after-week. That’s when I really need one of my favorite products, Multimedia Artboards. I can pack 7 times more panels for the same amount and space and weigh as foam-backed plein air panels.  Also, I much prefer a rigid substrate over a stretched one. Because the finest quality and care goes in to everything they make, I can count on the 1/8” Sintra panels for my studio work too."

David A. Haughton

"I discovered Multimedia Artboard at Daniel Smith in Seattle in the mid 90’s and was initially attracted by its tensile strength and thinness – I could strap a month’s supply onto my bicycle. I have developed my own style on the material, using the wide combination of paint application that it allows: thick layers of impasto, scumbling, sgraffito, glazing, lifting and, most particularly, direct staining of the rag fibers."

Susan Nicholas Gephart

I’ve been using Multimedia Artboard for over​ ​15 years and immediately fell in love with it! ​ Now, the Pastel Artist Panels are my surface of choice and what I recommend to my students.

Rebecca Crowell

“Multimedia Artboard has been important to my studio and teaching practice for many years as an excellent substrate for oil paint. Because I attend numerous artist residencies and teaching situations overseas, I also value Multimedia Artboard for its light weight and ease of transport.