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Multimedia Artboard

Multimedia Artboard

Multimedia Artboard

Multimedia Artboard

A Long History

Multimedia Artboard has deep roots in the art community since 1985.

Family Owned

Since Alice Carney developed our original product, we have continued the family legacy.

Proudly made in The USA

Each of our products is individually inspected to ensure the quality that our customers expect.

The Simple Solution For The Discerning Artist

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a leading provider in the production of high-quality American made, art products. Our company upholds the tradition of fine art through our commitment to providing artists with products that support ease of use and all artistic endeavors.


Multimedia Artboard offers a wide array of high-quality, archival painting surfaces including artist favorites, Claessens linen panels and handmade pastel panels.


We value our relationships with artists from around the globe. Whether you are a emerging artist or established professional we strive to offer products that support your vision. See what artists have shared about their experience with our products.

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