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Willow Wolfe Callia Artist Brushes - Watercolor Basic Set
Callia Artist Brushes

Willow Wolfe Callia Artist Brushes - Watercolor Basic Set

      Price: $44.95

      The perfect watercolor starter set includes a 2/0 SCRIPT Liner and 3, 8, 12 ROUND

  • The script makes long, continuous even strokes and our rounds offer full-bodied color capacity with controlled release.
  • Mixed media artist brushes for acrylic, oil and watercolor painting. A beautiful range of over 109 quality artist brush shapes and sizes for all artists in all mediums.
  • 100% cruelty-free artist brushes, innovative synthetic blends which capture color and release with control. Synthetics are Interlocked with a heat set process to ensure shape retention and longevity.
  • Paint brush handles are created with six layers of filler, primer, paint and lacquer to avoid cracking. High quality solid brass ferrules are carefully inspected to ensure accurate shape, crimping and a scratch-free finish.
  • Developed by world renowned artist, author, teacher and brush designer Willow Wolfe. Willow has brought artists innovative brushes found in hundreds of retailers for over twenty years.
  • Inspired by traditional practices and the pursuit of new synthetics, CALLIA conveys a balance of invention and precise craftsmanship.