Multimedia Artboard
Rebecca Crowell
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Rebecca Crowell

“Multimedia Artboard has been important to my studio and teaching practice for many years as an excellent substrate for oil paint. The techniques I use involve building up and working back into multiple  layers of cold wax medium mixed with oil, and the surface holds up perfectly to aggressive scraping, digging, and solvent use. Because I attend numerous artist residencies and teaching situations overseas, I also value Multimedia Artboard for its light weight and ease of transport. I can stack finished paintings in my luggage where they take up very little space, and once I am home they can easily be mounted on wood panels if I wish. I use the product in all my workshops for the same reason and students appreciate its reasonable cost and how easy it is to take their work back home.”

Special thanks to Rebecca for sharing her artwork on our website.

Rebecca Crowell artworkConnection by Rebecca Crowell
A moment recalled by Rebecca CrowellAzure by Rebecca Crowell


Rebecca Crowell is an American abstract artist known for rich, complex surfaces created with cold wax medium and oils. She is widely recognized for her innovative techniques in this medium, and is co-author of the comprehensive book, Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations (Squeegee Press, 2016)– a book that has become an important resource for artists worldwide. Crowell exhibits widely at fine art galleries in the US and in Ireland; her work is included in hundreds of art collections–private, public, and corporate. She travels extensively for workshop teaching and artist residencies, and when home she divides her time between Wisconsin and northern New Mexico.

Rebecca Crowell – Visual Artist / Contemporary Abstractions