Multimedia Artboard
Dylan Gillespie
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Dylan Gillespie

“The portability and quality of Multimedia Artboard is simply incomparable; nothing comes close. Without them, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail as a painting expedition would have been near impossible. Whenever I go plein air painting, whether is close to home or all the way to Asia, I always bring my Multimedia Artboards.”
Dylan Gillespie artwork
Dylan Gillespie artwork on Multimedia Artboard

Dylan, originally from the Hudson River Valley, relocated to Italy when he was 18 to train at the Florence Academy of Art. Believing that the beauty of the natural world cannot be matched by what is created through imagination, Dylan works primarily from life. Since graduating in 2015 from the Advanced Painting Program, he has been painting and teaching throughout Europe, America, and China.

Website: Dylan Gillespie