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Roger Dale Brown
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Roger Dale Brown

Originally from Nashville, Roger now resides in Franklin Tennessee. Avid about traveling he is compelled to explore regions and subjects that capture his interest. Roger has made it his lifeʼs study to gather and understand information from these special places. This expands his knowledge of nature, history, architecture and culture, which inspires him to create his poignant oil paintings.
Crediting historical artists, such as John Carlson, Isaac Levitan and John Singer Sargent for their example. Roger has developed his own unique voice in his art. He spends countless hours painting on location or from life capturing important nuances of a scene, day, or an object. Roger embodies the emotion of the scene he is painting by drawing on his knowledge and his dedication to art.
“To capture the essence of the scene, making the viewer feel they can step into a different day, understanding the mood, and beauty of that day is my goal."
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