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Multimedia Artboard has a 38-year history of providing award-winning, innovative substrates for artists. We are family-owned and operated. We are a leading provider in the production of high-quality, American made, art products. Our company upholds the tradition of fine art through our commitment to providing artists with products that support ease of use and all artistic endeavors.


Multimedia Artboard offers a wide array of high-quality, archival painting surfaces.

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Our products include:

  • Pastel Artist Panels Panels have a proprietary ground formulation that is silk screened directly on Multimedia Artboard. Non-warping and dimensionally stable. 320 grit. Available in white, black and colors.
  • Mounted Linen Panels Available in Claessens #15 & #13 Double Oil Primed, and #109DP Universal. Professional grade, 100% Belgium Linen Panels - Medium texture with 2 layers of primer. Linen is dry mounted to our standard white 1/32” thick Multimedia Artboard or 1/8” Sintra.

In exactly five months, Dylan Gillespie hiked from Mexico to Canada. A total of 2,652 miles through California, Oregon, and Washington on the Pacific Crest Trail. He crossed through miles of deserts and pine forests. He painted over 40 paintings on our Mounted Linen Panels. They're so light and compact, they were perfect for his journey.

  • Ready to Mount 1/8” Sintra panels with an acid free adhesive already applied, lets the artist mount a wide variety of surfaces, including art papers for pastel, watercolor and oils, as well as linen and canvas. Exceptionally durable and lightweight. 


Lori McNee Signature Series

Lori McNee has selected a group of Multimedia Artboard surfaces for her students. 

Hear what Lori has to say about our Claessens #109 Plein Air Panels.



USE PAL2023 at check out to receive your Plein Air Live Discount

Why do artists love our products? 

Multimedia Artboard is my go to product for painting trips. The product is rigid, thin and light weight, which allows for a lot of panels in a very small space. The multimedia board is a blank surface which I can customize or use just as it comes. It is easy to glue my preferred choice of linen, give it a coat of ground, gesso, or PVA. The choices of added surface choices are endless. Because it is thin, I can easily customize the size on location with a razor. It is the perfect product for plein air painting and for painting color sketches in studio.    ~ Roger Dale Brown - Hear what Roger thinks about Multimedia Artboard

"I’ve been using Multimedia Artboard for over​ ​15 years and immediately fell in love with it! ​  What drew me to Multimedia Artboard was its capacity to be wet​​ without buckling. This durable light weight archival surface enables me to use expressive brush work. The pure joy of painting on this exquisite board will surely be a lifetime of experiences! ~ Susan Nicholas Gephart

"Multimedia Artboards are my "go to” for Plein Air. I do an enormous amount of traveling and these products have really afforded me freedom and the ability to travel much lighter. I highly recommend them!" ~ Stephanie Birdsall


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