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Multimedia Artboard for Art Instruction with Lori McNee

 Introducing the Lori McNee Signature Series

“Using Multimedia Artboard products has truly made my art travels much easier! Whether I’m traveling the world teaching a plein air painting workshop or backpacking to a remote Idaho mountain location, I can count of Multimedia Artboard products. I hope that you enjoy the products that I've selected to be part of my Signature Series". 


 Idaho Glow - 6x12, on Multimedia Artboard

About Lori McNee 

Lori McNee is an American artist from the central mountains of beautiful Idaho. Her broad spectrum of artwork includes poetic studio landscapes, plein air studies, still life, and wildlife oil paintings. Inspired by nature, Lori’s paintings reflect her love of animals and the great outdoors. Lori is a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America, the American Impressionist Society, and the Heartland Art Club, and an out-of-state member of the California Art Club. She is a certified Master Artist in Cobra Water-Mixable Oil Paints.

Lori conducts annual painting workshops in the United States and abroad. She also juggles a professional blogging, writing, and public speaking career and ranks as an online influencer.  

 Lori McNee Signature Series

1) Lori McNee Signature Series Multimedia Artboard Selection 

Accepts oil and water-based paints. No priming. Archival and non-buckling.  Includes (2) 6x8 and (3) 8x10 panels

Price: $16.95

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2) Lori McNee Signature Series - Mounted Linen Panels 

Claessens #109DP Universal. Professional grade, 100% Belgium Linen Panels - Medium texture with 2 layers of primer. Linen is dry mounted to standard white 1/32” thick Multimedia Artboard. Pack of 5 includes: (2) 6x8 and (3) 8x10 panels.

Price: $32.00

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3) Lori McNee Signature Series Mounted Linen Panels on 1/8" Sintra 

Claessens  #109DP Universal, professional grade, 100% Belgium Linen Panels - Medium texture with 2 layers of primer. Linen is dry mounted to 1/8” Sintra. Pack of 3.

Price: $34.00

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4) Lori McNee Plein Air Landscape Set

Includes: No.2 Round, No. 4 Bright, No. 4 Filbert and No. 6 Flat

Seneca, designed by Willow Wolfe, can be used with all acrylic, oil and water mixable oil paints.  We designed Seneca to ensure that the brush retains its shape for control and placement of color, releasing paint evenly from expertly tailored synthetic filaments.

Seneca is available in a range of shapes and sizes and is created with a non-glare ferrule coupled with a beautifully crafted and balanced handle, perfect for Plein Air Artists.

Seneca is a story of artisans. From the handle finish to ferrule and filament, our craftsmen cultivate a deep sense of pride in what they do. Their passion is humbling. And their mastery of their craft is absolute.

Price: 69.95

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A Midday Moment, 8x10, plein air on #109