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“I’ve been a fan of Multimedia Artboard for over 25 years. I have used this board for almost every medium I work with in oils, pencil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal —everything.

Pastel Artist Panels accept all forms of pastels including pastel pencils. The surface has a delicate response and is an excellent support for working in pastel techniques that require layering.

What I particularly like, is that this pastel board is “dimensionally stable” which means that when used with water it will not bend, warp, or wrinkle as do most other sanded sheets. I also find Multimedia Pastel Artist Panels useful in mixed media techniques. With this board, one can mix almost any compatible medium with pastels and the board will be unaffected. I have been waiting for a sanded surface like this for a long time.”

Bill Creevy

PSA, 2011 Hall of Fame Honoree, author of ``The Pastel Book``

“I began using Multimedia Artboard almost twenty years ago. As a plein air painter I was looking for something light and thin because I paint about 20 field studies a week when I am on the road. It has proved admirable beyond my expectations. Using Alkyd and oil paints, pictures are dry overnight and can be stacked without partitions or inter layering. But the greatest advantage has proved to be its absorbency. The first layer soaks into the board and with the surplus wiped off, provides luminous underpainting with a distinctive texture. I can then apply thick paint without disturbing what’s underneath and so can do a layered painting at one sitting. This has been a great advantage in doing studies for portraits when the sitter’s time is limited or transient subjects such as flowers.”

Thomas S. Buechner

Artist/Instructor (1926- 2010)

“Over a dozen years ago I began using Multimedia Artboard on which to create my collages. I needed a surface which would not warp when used with acrylic medium, which would have the body to withstand forceful brushing and upon which I could used an exacto knife to cut excess paper without cutting through the support. The standard sizes of the board offers me a good variety, and the Artboard is easy to cut with a mat knife if I wish to use a different proportion than the standard sizes. Knowing that special orders are possible has been important to me in applying for public art projects. “

Guita Corey