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Callia Artist Brushes

Willow Wolfe Callia Artist Brushes - Watercolor Dagger Set



  • Includes 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2" Dagger brushes.
  • Our daggers are created with a blend of multi-diameter Cultured Synthetic. The filaments are etched to create microscopic pockets for color to absorb into, creating a controlled release of color, firm chisel edge and incredible shape retention.

The dagger is a sword-shaped brush that allows for extra long, precise linear strokes. The dagger works well for painting long grasses, flower stems, strokes of fur, leaves and flowing lines.
A perfectly balanced handle with six layers of filler, primer, paint and lacquer prevents water from penetrating to the wood. This ensures our handles resist cracking and increases the longevity of your brushes. We use solid brass ferrules which are crimped and meticulously inspected for shape and a scratch-free finish. We offer a fur-free promise, quality materials and tremendous care when designing and manufacturing our brushes!