Multimedia Artboard
Bill Creevy
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Bill Creevy

Bill Creevy - Blue Still Life (19x28)

“I’ve been a fan of Multimedia Artboard for over 25 years. I have used this board for almost every medium I work with in oils, pencil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal – everything.

Pastel Artist Panels accept all forms of pastels including pastel pencils. The surface has a delicate response and is an excellent support for working in pastel techniques that require layering.

What I particularly like, is that this pastel board is “dimensionally stable” which means that when used with water it will not bend, warp, or wrinkle as do most other sanded sheets. I also find Multimedia Pastel Artist Panels useful in mixed media techniques. With this board, one can mix almost any compatible medium with pastels and the board will be unaffected. I have been waiting for a sanded surface like this for a long time.”

Bill Creevy
PSA, 2011 Hall of Fame Honoree, author of “The Pastel Book